Our Service Network

SRL Diagnostics

SRL Diagnostics is a leading and reputed Lab network. The only Pathology diagnostic center in India to have 12 Reference Labs, 4 Centers of Excellence, 275* Network Laboratories and a footprint spanning over 5700 Collection Points. UMEDEX and SRL have integrated their technologies allowing two way communication of patient and medical data.

NM Medical

NM Medical is the pioneer of radiology, cardiology, pathology, and preventive health checkups in a diagnostic center setting in India. As per the annual report on hospitals and diagnostic centers nationwide published by Newsweek in 2010, NM Medical is ranked among the top 3 diagnostic facilities in Mumbai. NM Medical operates 9 centers across Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore. UMEDEX has deployed its technology at NM Medical facilities allowing two-way communication of patient and medical data.

Portea Medical

Portea brings primary care physicians, nurses and infrastructure to patient’s home. Portea uses UMEDEX technology to communicate patient and medical data.

Expert Physicians Network

UMEDEX has tied-up with several expert physicians in India and the US to monitor care provided to the patient. Patient can connect with these physicians to evaluate their care.


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