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Stroke, in an instant, can change the course of your life, causing inability to speak, weakness, short-term memory loss, paralysis on one side of the body and dizziness or balance problems. The window of opportunity to reduce the severity of stroke-related damage is about three hours.

Am I having a Stroke?

As a My Preferred Patient, at the first instance of any stroke related symptom, you or anybody with you at home, work or any other place, can send an alert to the physician, family and hospital from your mobile device. You or your companion can use your Apple or Android mobile device(s) to instantly alert your condition. Stroke Alert allows Physician and hospital to prepare and be ready with diagnosis and treatment upon arrival.


How do I alert about my stroke symptoms?

You can use your Mobile Device to report your stroke symptoms –

*If you are alone – Open SnapZap on your mobile device, tap on Stroke and Heart Attack Alert, focus the camera on self and tap on Stroke Alert.

*If you have a companion – Login to SnapZap and tap on SnapVideo or Snap Symptom to report on Stroke symptom. You can download SnapZap from the Apple App Store or Google Play store. Select the Care Provider and follow the on-screen instructions to report your stroke symptoms.

How will my physician or caregiver get my data?

Your physician, caregiver or hospital will receive your Stroke Alert immediately via our secure mobile app U-InTouch, and on the web via OCEAN and Clinic – Triage. You can download U-InTouch from the Apple App Store or Google Play store.


How is my physician or caregiver going to process all the data sent by me?

Your physician or caregiver will review your stroke information, and correlate with your clinical history, risk and other information to quickly work out a treatment plan prior to your arrival. To learn further about this, please talk to your physician or caregiver.


How do I check for feedback from my physician or caregiver?

Feedback from your physician or caregiver can be viewed by logging into SnapZap (Health Report) on your mobile device and on the Web by logging into OCEAN (Health Data). Your physician or caregiver can also forward responses to U-InTouch and as an alert.

How can I share this information with my family members who care for me?

Add your family members, physicians and caregivers to your CARE group and start sharing your health information in real-time.

Important: When subscribing to this service please check the number of times per month you can send stroke alerts to your physician or caregiver.

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