Secure all your important health information in one place, with a network of caregivers at your disposal. Get in shape and get healthy by connecting with UMEDEX’s approved medical devices to monitor your vitals.


Send Heart Attack alert with location data and your picture to everybody in your Panic and Heart Attack Alert Group

Send Stroke alert with location data and your picture to everybody in your Panic and Stroke Alert Group

Report Symptoms

Report symptoms using the video triage tool or the 200+ clinical protocols approved by your caregiver

Receive triage feedback from your caregiver including first aid information and home care guide

Connect with Medical Devices

Connect to one or more of the UMEDEX approved devices** listed below and start receiving data automatically.

- Blood Pressure

- Weight Scale

- SPO2 (single value or continuous monitoring)

- Blood Glucose

- Temperature

- Fluid Status (for Congestive Heart Failure)

- Spirometry

- ECG/EKG – 5-lead (Heart Rhythm)

- ECG/EKG – 12-lead

**for make and model of the above devices please visit www.umedex.com/store

Review Vitals

Review vitals in tabular and graphical format – Height, Weight, Blood Pressure, Pulse Rate, Oxygen Saturation, Blood Glucose, Temperature, Heart Rhythm, Feelings, Water intake, Body Pain.

Record Lab Values

Receive lab data directly from UMEDEX approved diagnostic centers or record it manually using our built-in tools. Alternatively, you can capture your lab report by using your iPhone or iPad camera

Manage Risks

Record and communicate your Health Risks securely to different caregivers

Receive assessments and action plan from your physicians and monitor progress of your health risks

Capture Pictures and Documents

Capture and share photos, videos and documents. Customize your photos and documents with one or more image editing tools, color filters and image merging tools. Share individual pictures and photo albums with your family and friends. Organize important documents and share it securely with others.

Review Health Reports

Manage health reports received from your caregivers and UMEDEX approved diagnostic service providers and devices.

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