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Collaborative Care Cloud (C3)

UMEDEX® seamlessly connects in real-time all healthcare stakeholders, information and knowledge in a secure cloud-based collaborative network using its C3 solution.

C3 integrates real-time access to collaborative professional services, best-in-class clinical solutions, and a flexible cloud-based information and communication platform that deliver medical care far faster, far more accurately and with less overhead than was ever previously possible.

C3 offers universal workflow from clinical assessment to diagnosis to treatment to reimbursement. It allows members to build their own care and professional medical team spanning multi-specialties and multi-location. C3 is deployed within a country and adheres to federal and state (or province or kanton) specific medical and privacy regulations. However, C3 allows patients and primary care physicians to share health data with experts outside of their country for second opinion, physician consultation, and peer reviews.

C3 Solution Architecture

At the heart of our Collaborative Care Cloud (C3) solution are four application frameworks each with an application suite

OCTANE™ Application suite for Mobile Health Service Providers

OXYGEN™ Application suite for Diagnostic Centers and Hospitals

OASIS™ Telemedicine suite for Expert Physicians

OMNI™ EHR (Electronic Health Record) Cloud for Patients, Physicians and Medical Facilities

C3 framework is powered by UMEDEX® NEMBOTs™ (Network Enabled Medical Business Objects and Tools) technology and includes several functional, integrational, productivity and collaborative tools. The NEMBOTs™ framework is open to third-party app developers to author and sell custom tools through our NEMBOTs™ store.

C3 Network Architecture

C3 is deployed on a high availability network monitored and managed round-the-clock by UMEDEX® technical team.

C3 distributed architecture provides for data and resource redundancy for reliability and is designed to provide instant and uninterrupted access to comprehensive health data that is critical to delivering the best treatment and care to the patient.

C3 Benefits

C3 secure cloud allows medical businesses to scale on-demand without the need to put in expensive resources (hardware and personnel).

C3 allows patients to have immediate and continuous access to their health data and their care network.


We Offer...

  • Flexible Cloud Computing Platform
  • Device Agnostic Access
  • High Security Network
  • 99.999% uptime availability
  • Best-in-Class Clinical and Operational technology
  • Real-time access to people, provider and information
Collaborative  Care Cloud

Comprehensive Solution

  • Functional Tools - Clinical and Operational
  • Integration Tools - Data Exchange with other systems
  • Productivity Tools - Efficiency in diagnosis and operations
  • Collaborative Tools - Connecting and Sharing
  • Diagnostics
  • Expert Physician
  • Second Opinion
  • Peer Review
  • Wellness and Primary Care
  • Medical Transcription
  • Practice Management
  • Medical Billing
  • Shared Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • 24/7 Technical Support