OMNI is the only patient-centric, collaborative and fully-integrated clinical EHR (Electronic Health Record) model in the market that recognizes the importance of and involves family and friends in providing care to the patient. OMNI is the only solution that allows Medical Groups and Physicians to add chronic care management, concierge physician service and telecare service to their existing practice.

UMEDEX Certified Plug and Play Medical Devices

Connect to UMEDEX Certified medical devices to capture and transmit body vitals directly or via your personal mobile devices to our secure cloud.

Patient Triage
(in-office and remote)

Use our 200+ clinical protocols and care advice to evaluate patient condition and symptoms. Use the pre-configured call-for-actions to redirect patients to 9-1-1 or ER or Urgent care or telecare or for an appointment with the doctor.

Video Triage
(in-office and remote)

Record patient symptoms and clinical indication using our free-format video assessment tool. Capture and stream audio/video instantly.

Stroke and Heart Attack Alert

Assess critical conditions like stroke and heart attack immediately using our built-in protocols and determine proper call-for-action.

Patient Workflow
Appointments, Check-in and Check-out

Use our state-of-the-art interactive scheduler to setup appointments and reminders. Manage all patient related forms and paperwork online. Track check-in, check-out and time at every stage of care.

Real-time Diagnostics

Connect with our service provider network and receive test results in real-time. Our network partners provide diagnostic services onsite at home or at your facility or in a clinical setting. Diagnostic services include a full range of radiology, cardiology, pulmonology, lab services and bone scan. Services include both, stat and routine diagnostic procedures. If you do not find your provider, please email your provider details to support@umedex.com. Alternatively, you can also connect with service providers in our network and start receiving diagnostic results immediately.

Medication, Allergy and Immunization

Create e-Prescriptions, add new allergies and update immunization record of the patient. Set medication reminders for patients or caregivers assisting the patient. Receive compliance feedback from patients or caregivers.

Streamlined Encounters

Take encounters to the next level. Use OMNI for Office visit, Home visit and tele visit. Review the quick reference facesheet to assess the patient’s clinical condition. Record your encounter notes using audio dictation, built-in voice recognition or by simply typing it.

Connect securely

Connect from web or mobile devices to receive patient feeds from caregivers and your staff. Use advanced tools like group messaging, picture messaging, message forwarding and streaming to communicate information to patient and their caregivers.

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