Cloud-based fully functional clinical and operational system including RIS, PACS, GPS and more, for Mobile Health Service Providers. Completely scalable and available round-the-clock with parallel fault tolerance. Secure and total control. Automatic Upgrades at no additional cost. Zero Software. Zero Investment. BIG SAVINGS.

Manage Dispatch Center
operation using OCTANE

Order Management (Online and Phone Orders)
Location Tracking and Speed Monitoring
Secure Communication
Document Management
Real-time Job Assignment
Diagnostics Report Distribution (Fax, Email, Online)

Track staff and vans in Real-time.
Monitor Speed. Assign and
Re-assign Jobs to Techs.
See Jobs popup on Field
techs worklist and Maps.

Manage Field Operation using OCTANE

Modality Worklist
Job Management
Active Document Management
Publish Images in DICOM and other formats
Keep-alive Secure Transfer of Images to the Cloud
Auto update of Trip (R0070 / 75) and Setup Cost (Q0092)
CD Burning of Images
GPS Tracking and Direction to Job sites
Secure Communication

No need to fax or scan facesheet,
prescription or other documents.

Use OCTANE mobile app to
attach paperwork to X-rays and

Manage Billing & Collection
using OCTANE

Automatic Trip (R0070/75) and Setup (Q0092) Fee Calculation
Manual and Electronic Census
Eligibility Check
Paper Claim (1500 format) and Electronic Claim (837P 5010 format)
PPS Invoicing and Collection
Payment Recon (EOB and 835 5010 format)
Claim Status and Denial Management
Patient Invoicing and Collection
Aging and other reports
Customizable PPS & Patient Invoice

Interactive Analysis of customer
contribution with simple sliders.

Manage Marketing & Sales
using OCTANE

Interactive Customer Analysis
Contact, Contract & Rate Management
Advertising & Promotions on multiple device with Link back
Survey Management
Complain and Resolution

Manage Quality
using Octane

Quick Second Opinion
Utilization Report
Disease Management Report

Instant Physician and Facility Access

Real-time Report and Image
Access with clinical tools

Collaborate and Communicate directly
with the Radiologist or Cardiologist

Online Appointment Scheduling for
Diagnostic Tests (Radiology, Cardiology,
Pulmonology, Lab and Vitals)

Connect and Share information
with other caregivers

System Administration

Total System Control
Create & Manage Users
Grant & Revoke Permissions
Assign Application Components
Assign Resources
Create and Modify Templates
Manage Leads

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