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It's about your health! Keep in touch with the ones who care for you. Securely connect with your physicians, care givers, family and friends.

U-InTouch™ is a vital networking app for both patients and healthcare providers, providing true message convergence, accessible from any device, anytime.

U-InTouch™ is the only secure collaborative application giving instant communication platform to patients and healthcare providers to keep in touch with each other and everybody else in their network.

Healthcare Professionals! Share appointment notifications, health information, reminders and alerts within your care network;

Patients! Setup your daily health reminders including medications and appointments. Instant message your physician and share your medical information securely.

Unlimited Free Text for One-to-one Secure Messaging for PC, iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.

U-InTouch™ gives you the convenience of continuing your conversation anytime, anywhere with any device. You can start your conversation on one device and switch to another without any interruption.

You can also set and receive alerts on different devices.

Want to create your Network?

The free U-InTouch™ app lets you use your PC, iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad to communicate, receive & respond to messages, health information, alerts and reminders.

Healthcare Professional! To create your own network of physicians, medical facilities, diagnostic service providers and patients please register at

Patients! To create your own team of physicians, medical facilities, diagnostic service providers and caregivers, please register at


If you have problems with your U-InTouch™ app, send an email to with your User ID, email address and a contact number. Someone will help you right away.

U-InTouch™ for iPAD, iPhone and iPod can be downloaded from Apple store.

U-InTouch™ for Windows can be downloaded from

Also, visit our website at



  • Connect to your team of Caregivers - anytime, anywhere, any device
  • Secure, fast and reliable
  • Setup and receive alerts
  • Create Task Entries from messages
  • Make Calendar Entries from messages
  • Respond to alerts and notifications


  • Send and receive unlimited FREE texts using WiFi, 3G or Edge
  • One-to-One Secure Messaging
  • Supports Push Notifications
  • SMS within the US & Canada to any phone - even if the receiver doesn't have U-InTouch™ app